Heart, luck, intuition and human brain

resurse-umane_1I read recently an article from Harvard Business Review with topic- How to become better in evaluation the character of people you hire.

Major subject.

I invite you to read all the questions written by Anthony K. Tjan (author of book Heart, Smarts, Guts, and Luck”, one of the best selling book on New York Times list).

These questions, well studied, can help you take the best decision before hiring somebody.

Do you know which question draw my attention? No. 4: Is this person an authentic one or a servile one?

Why? Because authenticity is one element from my theory for hiring managers in middle and top management positions along with: credibility, competence and self- confidence. 

I am always glad when other authors appear with their studies that bring more arguments to sustain my theory. Below I have added some more ideas tested in my work.

These ideas are connected with what impression management strategies candidates for middle and top management positions use in order to manipulate recruiter’s perceptions.

You need to know them to be careful if they appear while you are interviewing people for management positions:

1. They show a great self-confidence and a tendency to impose themselves

2. They do a real effort to dress accordingly with the position 

3. They try to connect with you in a very personal way (Pay attention to false mirroring!)

4. They smile to much 

5. They aren’t natural/genuine

6. They exaggerate being too polite

7. They self-promote their personal qualities too much 

8. They say lies about their activity 

9. They come with answers that are learnt by heart 

10. They exaggerate certain responsibilities held in their past experience 

What would you add at this list? You are invited to comment of my Facebook below.