Contest- Do you want to negotiate as an FBI agent?

august 8, 2013


Joe & Miha Bucharest April 2009Do you know to prepare yourself for a negotiation from nonverbal communication point of view?

Listening, how to be empathic with others, to put the right questions and to observe their nonverbal signals– all are ways that can be very helpful in a negotiation process, if you know them! Of course, they also increase your power of influencing!

The most precious advice that I have come from FBI experts (like Gary Noesner and my mentor Joe Navarroin foto done by my husband on the day he came to Romania in 2009).

Why I count on them? Because they had the chance to negotiate in very tough situations, many times life and death situations!

That’s why I have created an open course called „Negotiate like an FBI agent„, where you can find out during the eight stages of a negotiation how to use your nonverbal intelligence into your advantage.

You will learn the nonverbal techniques you may use in each negotiation (even if you negotiate with your own child or spouse).  More, you have the chance to test your abilities during the interactive and practical sessions.

I have prepared also a contest on my official Facebook page and my online magazine Nonverbal Magazine (

All you have to do is to send this message to as many friends you can and you can win a free place at my course.

The three persons who have the biggest number of recommendations will receive prizes. I have prepared three prizes:

 1st place: A free ticket to open course “Negotiate like an FBI” and Nonverbal Magazine no. 5 on print and with signature of famous Allan Pease.

2nd place: Two coaching sessions with Dr. Mihaela Stroe and Nonverbal Magazine no. 5 on print and with signature of famous Allan Pease.

3rd place: Three books written by my mentor Joe Navarro (translated in Romanian) and Nonverbal Magazine no. 5 on print and with signature of famous Allan Pease.

Contest starts on 15th May at 8 pm and will finish on 22nd May at 12 am.

The best of luck!

Mihaela Stroe


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