Transform your life in 90 days

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At the beginning of 2013 I was thinking: How can I help people to put themselves on the first place in their own life? 

Why this question? Because I have been there and done that. It was a period in my life when I wasn’t on the first place and I was devastated with many useless projects (no benefits for me!).

And I am grateful that in a certain moment…a very special person focused on productivity….inspired me to transform my life! 

So I took a decision. A tough one. Necessary. A real MUST.

It is that kind of decision that you know very deep inside your soul that you must take it.

Time is the only instrument that you need to use. In your favor of course.

Time to reflect to your life.

Time to make an analysis about what is important to you.

Time to check which are the roles I am playing in this life.

About importance of TIME and DECISIONS, about how to put yourself in the first place of your own life and which is the first action that you must do when you wake up to REALITY, I will speak Thursday 6th of June at 7 pm in a special Google Hangout with topic „Transform your life in 90 days„.

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…Till our meeting I invite you to read again Jules Verne’s book „Around the World in 80 days” or to see the movie with the same title where the central character is intepreted by one of my favourite male actor, Pierce Brosnan. 🙂

May to take the best decision for your future. Come along in this special Google Hangout and spread the news with people you care about!

Mihaela Stroe