„Transform Your Life in 90 Days!” Launch

august 8, 2013


TRANSFORM your life in 90 days!

How to create the map of your future in 90 days!



Do you want to find out the reasons why you don’t life your life after your rules?

Are you looking for a way to see which are the most important areas of your life?

  • Do you need a clear plan for your daily actions?
  • Do you want to become an autonomous person?
  • Do you want to live the most profound transformation into the person you want to be?

Imagine a life with mental clarity

Imagine a life with no fears

Imagine a life where every day you wake up self- motivated to live …

Imagine a life where you are on the first place

Imagine a life you have all things completed, those things that you postpone and postpone

Imagine a life where you are a true professional and you have the desired income

Full details in my blog page called „90 days”. 

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Transformational coaching program

Este un program intensiv de coaching de grup cu durata de 14 săptămâni care te va elibera de convingeri limitative și blocaje emoționale. Dacă amâni ceea ce este important pentru tine, dacă nu ai timp, focus sau energie, nu știi ce vrei cu adevărat și nu ai încredere în tine, atunci acest program este pentru tine. Fiecare săptămână include o sesiune de coaching de grup, 5 lecții video și teme zilnice de transformare (de luni până vineri).