What Ivan Patzaichin said…

mai 13, 2013

In December 2012 I was invited by Laszlo Pacso to be again speaker at Business Days Bucharest. As usually, at these events  we meet special people. Today I want to talk about one of them which impressed me very much : Ivan Patzaichin.

I’ve first met Ivan at Timisoara Business Days in 2010.  I was so impressed of how authentic he is and how  much passion he put into his acts and words.

At Bucharest, when I sat on the speakers table I found in front of me a book : 23 Miles. I thought it was for me. It  wasn’t. Somebody else had forgotten it on the table.

My luck: I started to look it with huge curiosity, like a child, over the sketches  in the book… and I came to me an idea: what if I use in my presentation about authenticity a quote from the book about Ivan?  What would be more appropriate than what a 8 years old child feels about nature? What can me more authentic than this?

“ Father:   Who are  you in  a war, Vaniusa?

Vaniusa : With the reed, father.. I was  imagining that this is like the enemies like in History classes.

Father: Reed is not our enemy, is our friend.

Vaniusa: Then why do we cut it?

Father :  It has other law. We cut it, and then in sprint it will grow  again. Then think how useful it is for us…”

We  are like reed threads. We stay in wind’s blow. We undulate in front of the challenges. The change is continuous and it depends only on us if we  regenerate ourselves every spring so that we  can be useful to others.

Enjoy my speech, simple and on subject about authenticity. Listen to my speech and be authentic!

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