Don’t stay in your way in 2013!

mai 6, 2013


Motto: „The only way to discover the boundaries of the possible is to adventure yourself just beyond them, in the impossible.” (Arthur C. Clarke)

Each time  New Year’s coming I sense a strange feeling:  on one side  I feel a joy because a new year just arrived, but on the other side I feel sadness  for the year that had just finished.

Why? Because  every year we receive lessons. Some of them we learn. Other lessons we transfer them to the new year that is coming. I wonder how is it like when you learn all your lessons like a hard-working student?

It is said that “Life is a harsh teacher and  it gives you  the  same lesson many times until you succeed to learn it and to move forward”. This is why, my suggestion for 2013 is : Don’t stay in your  way!  Self love is  the basis of self-knowledge!

Think about these 5 elements and about how they could help you to make of 2013 an extraordinary year:

  1. Direction
  2. Focusing
  3. Competence
  4. Energy
  5. Impact
  6. Congruency (verbal & nonverbal)

Stay with me on this blog and  we will find together in 2013 concrete ways to put them in practice.

There  are  solutions! You just have to see and apply them!

Remember : “Good  is the enemy of the extraordinary!” (Jim Collins)

Wish you an extraordinary 2013! All depends on YOU!

Love yourself,


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