Authenticity : your goal in 2013!

mai 13, 2013


What does it means, first of all, to be authentic?

Authenticity means honesty towards the others, especially honesty towards yourself!

Authenticity means to know yourself.

Books and wise persons (like Confucius, Aristotel, Socrates, Buddha, Ghandi, Osho and others) say that in the moment you will discover who you are, the whole world will reveal to you and all its secrets will be shared.

Which are the advantages of an authentic leader in 2013?

There are enormous. Because there are not many authentic leaders. Those who will keep their authenticity will have a lot to win. People search for authentic leaders because only these can truly inspire them. Here are some advantages:

– Self-fulfillment : when the real you in front of the people, feel that you fulfill your personal mission which you assumed (with the condition you know it!)

Self-development : knowing yourself is the key wisdom that deciphers all the world’s secrets.

To enrich your relations with others : you are searched, admired and followed because you have the courage to be yourself and the others appreciate this aspect at yourself.

Get away from stress and you are truly happy: When you play a social role just for the advantages that the society offers to you, you are not feeling comfortable and while the stress level is growing and you can seriously get sick. When you are honest with yourself and you answered to the question „Who am I?” all the other existential questions get answers and you experiment real happiness.

Once we are authentic, which are the steps we must make to become an influent leader? The first step is to be connected with authenticity directly. Who discovers the real self and behaves after the values, principles and his beliefs had a very big influence.

The best example is Mahatma Ghandi which said : “Your beliefs become thoughts, your thoughts become words, your words become actions, your actions become common, your common became values, and your values become your destiny”.

All that people have to do is discover their inner potential and to use it. Daily! It’s on to them!

1. Know yourself!

2. Trust your potential and use it at full capacity!

3. Practice every day authenticity!

In conclusion, set yourself high goals for 2013!  Surround yourself with people that make you pleasure to be with!

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