11 Ways to Boost Your Energy

august 8, 2013

cycle_energy_boostHi there!

I have promised a synthesis of my webinar about how to increase your energy level.

Why do we need methods to keep or raise our energy level?

Toxic people, many tasks and deadlines in the working place, too many worries and every day challenges, decrease our energy resources.

Result? We  are less productive and more stressed. Bad stress. Illness. Unhappiness. Lack of sleep. And list can go on and on.

I strongly believe that you need to keep your BALANCE and to CHARGE your batteries with positive vibrations.

Therefore I share below 11 methods to use them every day to boost your energy level.

  1. Sing! It is a easy way to escape from your worries and problems. Choose a list with songs that feel your cup!
  2. Move! Dance, walk, do exercises. Movement produces endorphins, seeds of happiness and in the same time gives you energy! Move at least 20- 30 minutes every day!
  3. Laugh! It is the best cure ever! Laughter makes you go away from the negative emotions, building inside a relaxing mood. Find a good friend who knows great jokes and speak with him every day! He can send you jokes on SMS!
  4. Meditate! Connect your body, mind, soul and spirit. Find a quiet spot, put a slow music behind. Concentrate on your deep breathing from 1 to 10. I strongly recommend to choose a meditation methid and practice it every day for 10 minutes. Your energy will boost instantly!
  5. Purify your body! Practice breathing exercises. Use then water to purify your body. I love hot bath with spices and foam!
  6. Practice gratitude! It is a real blessing that you wake up every morning. This is the first thing to be grateful for. Then find other reasons why you are grateful. Gratitude is one the strongest ways to increase energy with huge impact on your soul and spirit! It is like a wireless divine connection with Universe! Use it and see the results!
  7. Keep a diary! This is a very simple exercise and useful in the same time: you keep a record of your progress and it is like having a list of successes in place. If you focus on developing your personality you need to keep the track of all experiences, to learn from them.
  8. Be a blessing for others! When you help other people, your vibration is increasing instantly. Imagine if you have a habit of helping others, every day!
  9. Forgive! We are all humans and do mistakes. Be empathic, put yourself in others people shoes and forgive first YOURSELF than others! Resentments eat a lot from daily your energy!
  10. Love! Learn to love yourself first. Than others. This way is the highest vibrational level ever! Love yourself more and more every day! Feed your energy tank with positive affirmations about yourself. Read Louise Hay for more details!
  11. Enjoy life! You are alive. You are loved. You have family and friends. You are the master of the universe. Be happy as a child!

Include these ways into your daily routine. Keep up your energy. Attract positive vibrations through your thoughts. You choose what is best for you!

Love you all,


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