• For the last 7 years I  am part of Euroconcurs project where I offer coaching (one-to-one career coaching) and training for all  the European competitions launched by  EPSO (European Personnel Selection Office).  During all these years I had received many positive comments from my clients such as:

    “I’ve been working in HR for almost 10 years and my experience of collaborating with Mihaela had shown me how good it is to have a specialist who supports you. I applied for a job at one of the European Institutions and as soon as we started our collaboration I knew I have a real partner who understands how this system works and knows how to value my experience. Mihaela made my application to be consistent, straight to the point and attractive. Plus, her coaching abilities helped me to be more confident and to feel comfortable in this process. Thank you, Mihaela!” G.T.

    “EPSO training with Mihaela was very intensive, because: a) I had received advice about how to apply our competences in real life; b) I’ ve learnt many things, such as description of the tests I have to pass at EPSO competition, how to plan my learning time for Computer Based Test, how to write my motivation to apply into this competition. Plus, I had free access at E-learning platform, where I could practice tests and I could evaluate myself based on my results. The team that include Ms. Dr. Stroe, Mr. Ghizasan and Mr. Carstoiu is devoted to students and really helps those people who want a career in an European Institution.

    I had also  individual preparation with Mihaela.  The coaching session with Dr. Stroe helped me to discover that  in life I have to change some things, that sometimes my brain needs a break, relaxation and that I need to be present in my life by doing actions for myself. The experience lived through coaching sessions was a very useful  and important for me. The way Ms. Stroe put the questions made me realize my inner “degradation” state into which I was involved very deeply. For me, she is  a model in life and she was the right person at the right time for helping me to change. I strongly recommend your participation to coaching sessions and at her LIVE webinaries, because there are a great resource and the advantage for the coachee is huge.” L.H.

    “Computer Based Test was for me, even before my participation at the course organized by Euroconcurs, a pile of books, put in a strange order on my desk. After meeting the 3 trainers (Euroconcurs team formed  by Dr. Stroe, Mr. Ghizasan si Mr. Cristoiu), I succeeded to put all the chapters of those books in right order, to find a logic and from there to start building a new way of approaching of the tests. The course gave me milestones, made me understand which are the expectations from me as future permanent employee of an European Institution, I understood which are the expectations from an applicant at preselection tests: pragmatism, accuracy and common sense in approaching all exam situations.

    A very important part of the online application is the motivation that you must write. Mihaela gave me a set of questions which helped me to write it. Actually, are really hard questions, and in order to answer them, I had to clarify to myself what I want and why I want to succeed at preselection EPSO tests. After I answered my questions, I succeeded to build the puzzle which gave the image of what I wanted for me. The value of those questions is that I succeeded to clarify to myself what iIwant, to put my thoughts in order. Then, the motivation writing process was just a “peace of  cake”.” Sorana Rotta

    Preparation for creating EPSO profile and writing motivation

    Preparing your CV and written motivation: Based on the candidate’s profile and on the competition he/she applies my job is to help him/her to highlight strengths, knowledge, experience and professional abilities,”the best selling points”. If you are interested for individual coaching (to evaluate your CV and to write your motivation to apply for the online application for EPSO in English) you can reach me at my email address : euroconcurs_ro@yahoo.com.

    Here  are the questions you need to answer in order to write your EPSO motivation:

    • Experience: How is your education and training relevant to this particular profile? How do you write this paragraph to convince that you have the “right” educational background?
    • Interest: Why did you decide to apply for European Institutions or Agencies? Why do you want to become an European public servant? Why this particular profile interests you?
    • Your contribution to EU: What specific contribution do you think you could make to the work of EU? What is the role you would like to play? What particular strengths would you bring to your work? Why are they needed?
    • Strengths: What are two of your main achievements? What is the process you went through and the positive outcomes? Did you play a leading role or decisive contribution? What was it? What did you learn from them?

    Preparation for the preselection tests (Computer Based Tests):

    • Verbal reasoning : tests that check your communication abilities.
    • Numerical reasoning: tests that check you numerical abilities.
    • Abstract reasoning : tests that check your abstract/logic thinking abilities.
    • Situational Judgment : tests that  check your behavior and attitude towards work  by identifying with certain working situations (as  a result of this test they make a psychological profile what goes with you at Assessment Center in Brussels).

    Preparation for Assessment Centre in Brussels:

    • Case study in the chosen field of competence: it’s a written essay which tests your knowledge in the domain you applied for, where to need to prove your analysis and synthesis skills, as well as written communication skills.
    • Structured interview: an interview face to face with specialists in Human Resources to evaluate your motivation, personality, strengths and weakness, your career plans.
    • Oral presentation: presentation in front of assesors to test your communication skills into a persuasive manner.
    • Group exercise: an exercise realized with other 5 candidates on which the assessors focus on the evaluation of the 8 competences required by EPSO.

    Coaching and individual preparation for the recruiting interview

    Coaching for the recruiting interview : using simulations and videotaping I offer solid preparation for having great atittude and communication skills (verbal and nonverbal) in the final interview face to face with your future boss.

    Below are some of my TV appearances in Romania where I talk about European jobs and EPSO competitions:

PRO TV (2012)

PRO TV (2010)

PRO TV (2009)


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